Homello Adjustable Jump Rope Fitness Jumping Rope, 4 Colors with Quality Ball Bearings, Cardio Speed Skipping Rope for Adults and Children


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Your Benefits at A Glance

- Just 5 minutes of jumping rope burns almost as many calories as 1 kilometer of jogging, making it one of the most effective cardio and endurance training methods. They burn around 500 calories with just 30 minutes of exercise.

- You can take your Speed Rope anywhere. Rope skipping offers a variety of different exercises and can be easily integrated into any individual training plan.

- Rope skipping improves the strength of your tendons and ligaments, as well as your sense of balance, and helps you to optimize the three basic sports movement patterns - deep squat, hurdle and lunge.

- Rope jumping allows working on right-left asymmetries, which is not feasible when cycling or running, for example, since both sides are always equally involved in the movement.

- Rope skipping is an effective way to develop a healthy, upright posture. It improves the ability to maintain a stretched spine despite loading, as it effectively strengthens the core muscles.

Jumping can be a fun pastime, a light warm-up or an effective cardio workout depending on the intensity. Unlike many other training devices, it does not require a long learning of the right technique, but is suitable for everyone, whether beginner or professional.

This is the reason why rope jumping has always been an integral part of the training schedule of most professional athletes and more and more athletes from the amateur area (again) discover this versatile sports equipment for themselves.

Start your individual training today!


  • Easily adjustable to your individual size. Thanks to our EasyFix system, the skipping rope can rotate optimally in the bearing without a too wide knot jamming and preventing this.
  • Rope length 270 cm, total length 300 cm, perfect for children from 3 years and adults up to 2 meters in height.
  • Thanks to neoprene-covered handles you always have perfect grip - even with intensive training sessions in the gym, during boxing training or longer warm-up exercises.
  • No fatigue due to unnecessary weight of the rope. Our plastic rope, trimmed for longevity and lightness, has the optimum weight to spin quickly and is still light as a feather. You will notice the difference to a conventional steel rope during the workout!
  • Thanks to our premium ball bearings with extra long sleeves, a rotation of the Speed Rope is excluded and an optimal rope protection is guaranteed even at highest spinning speeds. Perfect for Double Under.


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